KEN HARRSION - Composer / Conductor

Ken thought he wanted to become a medical illustrator . . . that is until he found out that it involved a lot of math. NOT his forte! So . . . being a musician since his youth – studying piano, playing in a rock band, etc., Ken found himself spending a lot of time in the music department at Valley Junior College in North Hollywood. He signed up for a number of music classes and soon discovered “commercial” music. Ken had the good fortune to visit the recording session of an episode of Hawaii Five-O, written and conducted by Morton Stevens. Hearing a live orchestra perform this amazing score, and watch it being placed in the film, lit a fire inside Ken . . . it was nothing short of magical! Within the year, Ken landed a copyist position at CBS Studios. His eagerness to learn and grow soon had him orchestrating for other composers, and finally composing his own scores for shows beginning in 1979. He was able to sustain a 23-year career writing music for TV and Film in Hollywood.

For Ken’s first orchestration gig, he was given a simple one-line melody with chord symbols, and asked to orchestrate it out for a full orchestra. It was only 60 seconds long – and the instructions were to make it sound BIG and western. At the recording session for that piece of music, Ken discovered that it was the theme song for “Dallas”, a show that was on the air for the next 11 years! He got paid approximately $700 for orchestrating that 60 seconds of music . . . but the composer who wrote the simple one-line melody made THOUSANDS of dollars in that 11 year run! Quite an incentive for a young, enthusiastic guy to make sure it was HIS music getting the air play, not someone else’s. “Fantasy Island” was Ken’s first series. It gave him the opportunity to write several different styles of music each week, because of the variety of story lines in each episode. It was much different than writing for most of the nighttime soaps, where the music was pretty much the same each week. Ken’s composing abilities became quite extensive, thanks to writing so many kinds of music in that very first series. He survived a lucrative 23 years in the business.

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Ken composed many different styles over his career as a composer.

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KEN HARRISON - Hiker / Outdoor Enthusiast

Ah yes. Then there is the outdoors. I am convinced the North Cascades has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world . . . validated by friends and clients who have join me and who have lived all over the world. My love of hiking and the joy I receive from sharing our local beauty inspired me to form BOOMERS HIKING CLUB in 2002. We hike each week during the season from lower BC to the Seattle area and everywhere in between. My club consists of a great group of friends, colleagues and clients ranging in ages from 28 to 72 years old. During the winter months we venture out for some local snowshoeing or skiing. Visit our BOOMERS web site and view photos and videos of some of our adventures.

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