KEN HARRSION - Composer / Conductor

For 23 years, Ken was an award-winning composer for TV and Film in Hollywood. He met his wife, Kathy, in 1976, doing a CBS talent show where Kathy was a performing artist and Ken was the musical director. They married in 1977, and since Kathy was from Washington State, they would visit family here every summer. Ken wrote the music for the TV show MacGyver in the 90’s, which was produced in Vancouver, BC. With very little hesitation, Ken and Kathy took that opportunity to move with their 2 children to Bellingham in 1992. Ken continued to write music for MacGyver, Melrose Place, as well as numerous Movie of the Weeks over the next 10 years. However, when the music business changed significantly in 2002, Ken knew he needed to find another career. It had been so easy for this outdoor enthusiast to fall in love with the PNW that he decided to pack away his keyboard and music paper and launch to help others discover this special corner of the world.

Representing sellers and buyers for both residential and commercial properties, Ken has consistently been in the top 3% of Coldwell Banker Agents internationally, earning the prestigious Whatcom County Association of Realtors “Realtor Of The Year” award in 2014.

Ken teamed up with son Zach in 2016. They are unequaled when marketing properties online, using the latest technology for photography, including a Phantom 4 Drone for aerial photography, HD video production, and custom web sites . . . creating an online presence that can be accessed world-wide.

With a need to keep music a vital part of his life, Ken has been active with the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra for over 15 years. He was a board member for 10 years and president for 2. He’s been fortunate enough to compose, arrange and conduct the orchestra on several occasions, and currently produces promotional videos for upcoming concerts. With a keen appreciation for the local mountains, Ken started “Boomers Hiking Club” in 2004. The group hits the trails every Wednesday during the season from Hope B.C. to the Granite Falls area . . and everywhere in between. Ken loves sharing the majesty and beauty of the Pacific Northwest with friends, family, colleagues and clients.

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Ken composed many different styles over his career as a composer.

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KEN HARRISON - Hiker / Outdoor Enthusiast

Ah yes. Then there is the outdoors. I am convinced the North Cascades has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world . . . validated by friends and clients who have join me and who have lived all over the world. My love of hiking and the joy I receive from sharing our local beauty inspired me to form BOOMERS HIKING CLUB in 2002. We hike each week during the season from lower BC to the Seattle area and everywhere in between. My club consists of a great group of friends, colleagues and clients ranging in ages from 28 to 72 years old. During the winter months we venture out for some local snowshoeing or skiing. Visit our BOOMERS web site and view photos and videos of some of our adventures.

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